Capelle-Blancard and Monjon (2012)

Capelle-Blancard, Gunther and Stéphanie Monjon.  “Trends in the literature on socially responsible investment: looking for the keys under the lamppost.”  Business Ethics:  A European Review.  June 2012.

From the authors' abstract:  "[W]e use online search engines and archive collections to examine the popularity of socially responsible investing (SRI) in newspapers and academic journals. A simple content analysis suggests that most of the papers on SRI focus on financial performance. This profusion of research is somewhat puzzling as most of the studies used roughly the same methodology and obtained very similar results. [lk emphasis added] 

"So, why are there so many studies on SRI financial performance? We argue that the academic literature on SRI is mostly data driven: the famous ‘looking for the keys under the lamppost’ syndrome. The question of the financial performance of the SRI funds is certainly relevant but maybe too much attention has been paid to this issue, whereas more research is needed on a conceptual and theoretical ground, in particular the aspirations of SRI investors, the relationship between regulation and SRI as well as the assessment of extra-financial performance."


LK comment:  Couldn't agree more.