Berry and Junkus (2011)

Berry, Thomas C., and Joan C. Junkus.  “Socially Responsible Investing: An Investor Perspective.”  Working paper (DePaul University), 2011.

Authors' abstract:  "Our study surveys a unique pool of approximately 5,000 investors that contains both investors who have used SRI criteria in investment decisions and those who have not, and involves a broad array of criteria associated with SR investing...  For both sets of investors,  environmental and sustainability issues dominate as the major category associated with SR investing.   We find strong agreement in the ranking of the relative importance of various SRI factors despite differences between these two groups in their opinion of their overall importance. We also find that investors prefer to consider the SRI question in more holistic terms rather than use the exclusionary format favored by most SRI funds.  Investors seem to prefer to reward firms who display overall positive social behavior rather than to exclude firms on the basis of certain products or practices."

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