Here are some talks and articles on SRI by Lloyd Kurtz:

Literature Reviews
  • A list of the studies I believe merit your closest attention.
  • A 2006 blog article summarizing my reviews of the literature over the years.
  • An essay (last revised in 2000) on the academic literature that was originally published in Journal of Investing. This essay is now out of date, but I believe the central argument - that empirical results have been inconsistent with the beliefs of both efficient market theorists and those who believe social investing creates a performance advantage - still holds.
  • A more up-to-date review of the literature of social investing appears in the Fall 2005 issue of the Journal of Investing.

Other Writings

Academic Lectures and Other Talks
  • A May 2008 speech to the western regional conference of the American Accounting Association
  • A February 2008 presentation on environmental investing at UC Davis School of Law (PowerPoint format).
  • A May 2007 talk on the relationships between stakeholder theory, financial theory, and the activities of social investors (PowerPoint format).
  • An April 2007 talk on the fiduciary aspects of SRI to the Santa Clara Estate Planning Council (PowerPoint format).
  • A November 2006 talk on the historical development of the rationale for social investing at the University of San Francisco (this talk covers the material in the first section of the Oxford Handbook chapter linked above).
  • A talk on SRI and its critics at the Haas School in 2005 (PowerPoint format).

Moskowitz Prize Presentations