Studies of Socially Responsible Investing

Important Note: will not be updated going forward. The site covers studies of corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investing, and sustainable investing up until the 2010-2011 timeframe.

The 2013 book, Looking Forward, Looking Back (available here) is an attempt to summarize and draw a few conclusions from the raw material presented here. There are three other lit reviews I'd also recommend highly. All use meta-analysis techniques, which are a lot of work, but allow for more reliable judgments about how to interpret this large collection of research findings:
  • Marc Orlitzky's pioneering 2003 meta-analysis of the literature of corporate social responsibility, available here
  • Joshua Margolis' 2009 even larger meta-analysis of corporate social responsibility, available here
  • Revelli and Viviani's 2012 meta-analysis of the social investment literature, available here

That should bring you up to the end of the financial crisis, but you should know that this field is developing quite rapidly. We have had as many papers in the past five years as in the previous 25.

It is probably beyond the capabilities of any one person to keep track of it all anymore, but researchers often post their working papers to the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN - link here). That is the best place to check in periodically to see what's going on.

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